orificed dance


A perfectionism dance


There are three types of body openings in human beings


1. The actual orifice Meatus Urethrae Externus
2. The opening of the body to its environment in a larger context
3. The opening inwards/emotional opening


The openings are influenced by shame


There are three types of shame:


1. Physical or social deviation
2. Crossing borders and norms
3. Failure. Failure includes: a) making mistakes
b) believing you are not good enough
c) failing to control bodily functions


Behind the feeling of shame lies the fear of not being loved.
With it the wish of being more perfect is getting bigger.


The image of peed pants is an image for failure. In a world that is more and more characterized by perfectionism and success,

it is becoming increasingly important to be gentle with yourself.
On a psychological level, the pressure of having to control everything and be perfect is counteracted by the body and therefore released through the body.
Creating this image intentionally in front of an audience creates a lot of pressure, otherwise the performer would have failed and ended up in a blockage.
So letting go can only be achieved through physical and mental relaxation and the realization that failure is as natural and human as peeing.