Climb the invisible ladder

What if you really have to go up to change your perspective? Transcendence does not only mean to go beyond the limits of the graspable, but also to be on a plateau and being able to choose your plateau or position. The experience of the exhibition is connected to your invisible ladder, your new perspective.
Hanna Adlon, Dennis Bernhart,Theo Bartenberger, Evi Jägle, Ömer Kaplan, Alexander Nefeduev, Daphne von Schrader, Olga Steiner, Maya Livingstone, Gwiyeon Han, Kajetan Uranitsch, Pal Rees, Miao Fangping, Benjamin Amotz, Lin Tzu Yu, Hanne Jannasch, Elinor Knox, Emma Thierry, Aby Marcillo, Mahtola Wittmer